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Aged care

The population of Australia like many developed countries is ageing, immigration and birth rates are not keeping up with increased life expectancy. As we retire, fewer workers are available to continue providing the same level of service in Aged care as we have today. There are obvious solutions such as incentives to increase the birth rate or allowing immigrants or foreign workers into the country.

A far better cost effective solution is to improve productivity in the Aged Care industry but using advanced medical equipment to reduce the need for care. Just like in sports, medical supplies have continued to develop, adapt and benefit patients. As an example, we have evolved from walking sticks, to walking frames, to wheel chairs and now motorised chairs enabling once immobile patients the freedom of independent mobility.

Many of our products provide support for functions which don't quite work like they use to. For example, wrist support for injured or painful joints enable patients to continue some level of self-care. With our prime medical supplies, we can return a considerable part of a patients mobility improving their quality of life and reducing the need for staff.

November 18, 2015 by Prime Medical Supplies
Tags: aged care
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