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Prime Medical Supplies is an Innovative Healthcare company that connects people with quality healthcare products.


Based in Queensland, we supply quality products to patients, Healthcare Professionals, Aged Care facilities and Sports teams and therapists around Australia.
Mission Statement
To be Trusted by Patients and Healthcare Professionals, we aim to supply unbeatable value, quality and efficient service.
Our Focus
Provide quality products at the best possible price that your care and treatment are without compromise.
While we do try and keep most products in stock, If we don't have what you are looking for we will help you with alternatives or look to source it from our manufacturers and suppliers.


A few things you will love about us:  

1) Outstanding customer service is a team sport.  We firmly believe that how we treat an employee is how they will treat our customers. 

One weak link in the chain can lead to a negative experience that affects everyone in the business. That is why we “Train our people, well enough so that they can leave, and treat them well enough so they won’t want to”

2) Making it happen

We agree with Amelia Earhart when she said: “The most effective way to do it is, to do it!”  understanding that we can either have results or excuses, not both. We endeavour to always offer an awesome service experience.

3) Forward Thinking

Challenging the status quo is the key to setting ourselves apart & staying ahead in this competitive industry. We welcome, appreciate and encourage your feedback as valued customers.