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Welcome to PrimeMed

"Helping great practitioners build great practices"

Prime Medical Supplies is a dynamic Healthcare distribution company that connects people with quality healthcare products from around the world.

Based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, we supply quality products to the medical/healthcare/sports industry in all states and territories within Australia.

We understand and believe that the long-term success of any company is dependent upon the success of its partners, and therefore are dedicated to helping healthcare professionals build and accelerate their practises & clinics.

Understanding how frustrating and time consuming it can be to deal with multiple suppliers we offer a faster way for practitioners to shop, which is why Prime Medical Supplies has become the favourite destination for athletes, healthcare professionals, hospitals and military personnel to purchase medical supplies.

Our offering includes physiotherapy equipment; massage supplies, treatment tables, strapping, tapping, bracing and more.


A few things you will love about us: 

1) Outstanding customer service
outstanding customer service is a team sport.  We firmly believe that how we treat employee is how they will treat our customers.

One weak link in the chain can lead to a negative experience that affects everyone in the business. That is why we “Train our people, well enough so that they can leave, and treat them well enough so they won’t want to”

2) Making it happen

We agree with Amelia Earhart when she said: “The most effective way to do it is, to do it!”  understanding that we can either have results or excuses, not both. We endeavour to always offer and awesome service experience.

3) Forward Thinking

Challenging the status qou is the key to setting ourselves apart & staying ahead in this competitive industry. We welcome, appreciate and encourage your feedback as valued customers.

June 18, 2015 by Prime Medical Supplies
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