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Dura*Soft Shoulder Wrap Donjoy®


Brand Donjoy®

Designed for non-stop cold therapy to the shoulder. Helps to limit pain and swelling and improve rehab. The shoulder wrap is 12"x13" and fits about a 50" chest circumference.

Ideal Use: Continuous Cold Therapy to the Shoulder, Reduce Pain and Swelling and speed up rehabilitation. 


  • The DuraSoft packs grant 2 hours of cold therapy per application
  • Removable DuraSoft inserts can be exchanged to continue with cryotherapy 
  • The ice packs are pliable to supply relaxed icing over surgical sites
  • Ultra-wick fabric with antimicrobial protection

DuraSoft® is a unique combo of segmented, body-conforming pillows of water mixed with a non-toxic gentle gel, enclosed in polypropylene bags.

When frozen, the water pillows are as actual ice providing longer cold therapy at safe temperatures. An absorbent powder is combined with water to provide a soft element that maximises coverage, improves compression and comfort for cold applications.

DuraSoft inserts are used by Both Healthcare Professionals and their patients

The inserts are easily removable from the nylon wraps and reusable. 

There compact size and pliability reduces the need for special storage spaces and having a few in the freezer will allow for continuous cryotherapy treatment.


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