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Trom Advance Knee Brace Donjoy®


Brand Donjoy®

Idea Use:

Innovative TROM Advance takes post-operative bracing to a whole new level through its comfort fit and adjustability. TROM Advance allows for a range of motion control and locking capabilities following ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL surgeries, Meniscal repairs, Patella realignment, Regenerative Chondroplasty, Stable femoral fractures, Total Knee replacements and High Tibial Osteotomies.

Features & Function

  • The Tele-Fit Sliding mechanism accommodates cold therapy wraps and dressings through its independent strap movement which is just proximal and distal of the knee for increased strap adjustability
  • They have Streamlined the hinge making it 20% smaller with a lower profile and light-weight design.
  • Telescoping  allows for patient variety through being adjustable between 17" and 23 1/4" 
  • They have increased the range of protocols to improve Range of motion control and quick lock from -10° to 90° 
  • The application is quick and easy with Quick-release buckles.
  • The Comfort and Aesthetics ensure that it's Cool, and has breathable soft goods improving patient outcomes
  • Improved Support and Comfort through its Wider straps (2") 
  • The XL version is available and made to fit a thigh circumferences of up to 36"
Thigh circumference taken 6" above mid-patella 
Part Number Description Size
11-9114-9 TROM Advance, Coo < 26" (< 66 cm)
11-9116-9 TROM Advance, Cool, XL > 26" (> 66 cm)
11-9115-9 TROM Advance, Full Foam < 26" (< 66 cm)
11-9117-9 TROM Advance, Full Foam, XL > 26" (> 66 cm)


Part Number Description
11-0024-x Post-Op Ankle Stirrup, Right
11-0026-x Post-Op Ankle Stirrup, Left