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Immostrap™ Back Support Donjoy®


Brand Donjoy®

The back Immostrap™ is a popular choice for those that are very active and involved in demanding duties and amusement activities.

Those that suffer from acute or subacute lower back pain, lumbar arthrosis, following disc herniation and for lumbar sciatica find it supportive.

Features and Function

    • Its Wraparound compression and stabilization helps to reduce lumbar pain providing Pain relief 
    • It encourages optimal Posture and balance by reducing harmful movements and function by allowing a limited range of motion. 
    • Adjust the Compression through Quadruple Bilateral straps 
    • Comfort and Support are enhanced by the Independent superior and inferior compression
    • Posture Control Strong is controlled by the compressive elastic material
    • Tightening and loosening made easy with Rolling buckles