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The Stick® Hybrid Stick


Brand The Stick®

"The Grandaddy of Recovery"

The Hybrid Stick: New 58 cm version of the Stick, a popular recovery/self-massage device that includes two handles and 13 beveled plastic spindles, including a raised center bevel that allows users to roll out muscles.

Combined with it's slight flexibility, the raised, rounded center spindle allows for deep penetration into tight spots that the regular Stick is unable to reach. Good for quick, precise targeting of trouble spots like the calf muscles and the IT (iliotibial) bands on the outer thighs. 

With a centered wheel for target application the Hybrid Stick is the most flexible of the medium model Sticks.

LENGTH: 23-inches (58cm)
TYPE: Standard


The Intracell Stick segmentally elongates muscle bundles, initiating myofascial release. It’s unique design qualities allow the Intracell Stick to simultaneously release multiple lesions in a short space of time with just about no physical effort.

“If you look for the cure at the site of the pain, odds are very good your search will be in vain.”

– Dr. Pat E Belcher, Founder – Intracell Technology