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Breezing® Metabolism Tracker Accessories and Top ups


Brand Breezing®

Measure Your METABOLISM - just by breathing.

The Breezing Tracker tells you your metabolic rate and your energy source (fat, carbs, or a mix of both) - anywhere you want to take it. Paired with an all-in-one Breezing App to track your progress and help you set your personal goals.


  • 1 Breezing Tracker 
  • 1 Samsung Tablet A
  • 1 Nose Clip
  • 3 Mouthpieces 
  • 1 T-joint
  • 2 Sensor Caps
  • 2 Training Cartridges
  • Sensor Cartridges.


  • Supports: 
  • * Unlimited measurements 
  • * Multiple users 
  • * CSV file export


        iOS 9 on iPhone models (4s and up). The latest Breezing App can be downloaded from the App Store 

        Breezing also works with iPad (3rd generation and newer, including all iPad Air and iPad Mini models). Just search "iPhone Only" in the App Store.

        Please confirm that you are selecting the Breezing Tracker for iOS at checkout. The Breezing Tracker for iOS will not work with Android devices.

        For general wellness and fitness use only. Consult your healthcare specialist if you have questions about your health.