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Breezing® Metabolism Tracker with a Samsung Tablet


Brand Breezing®

Measure your metabolism using the world's only mobile metabolism tracker.

For the first time, accurate metabolic information is at your fingertips. Breezing tracks your metabolism over time and helps you create a diet and exercise plan that's right for you.

Know your metabolism. Master your weight.

Your metabolism tells you how many calories you need to lose, gain, or maintain weight. Breezing gives you the precise metabolic information you need to reach your weight goals.

Simply breathtaking.

To measure your metabolism, all you have to do is breathe. The Breezing mobile app syncs to your device via Bluetooth and sends the information wirelessly to your phone.

Customised goals based on your unique metabolic information.

You're one of a kind. Here's why.

Resting Metabolism

This is your resting metabolic rate – the speed of your metabolism. A higher number means your metabolism is faster, burning more calories each day. A lower number means your metabolism is slower, burning fewer calories. Your metabolism is 100% unique to you. To lose, gain, or maintain weight, measuring your resting metabolism is the first step.

Weight, Activity, Diet

Weight can fluctuate at different times of your life, and day-by-day, the numbers on the scale can be discouraging. Instead, track your weight, activity, and diet over time. Seeing your long-term progress helps you reach your goals. It's the journey that matters.

Energy Source

This comes from your Respiratory Quotient (RQ), which tells you whether your body is burning carbohydrates, fats, or a mix of both. Your Energy Source gives a better picture of the food you're metabolizing, so you know how it affects your overall weight, mood, and health. After all, you are what you eat.

Metabolic History

Metabolism changes. When you exercise to build muscle, your resting metabolism can rise. When you lose muscle from dieting or as you age, your resting metabolism can drop. What's important is that you know. Make sure your metabolism is on track with your weight, activity, and dieting goals. Knowledge is power.

 What all do you get in your pack:

  • 1 Breezing Tracker 
  • 1 Samsung Tablet A
  • 1 Nose Clip
  • 3 Mouthpieces 
  • 1 T-joint
  • 2 Sensor Caps
  • 2 Training Cartridges
  • Sensor Cartridges.
  • * Unlimited measurements 
  • * Multiple users 
  • * CSV file export


        A Samsung Tablet with an Android Breezing tracker is currently the only option available.

        iOS and Samsung Android compatible units were available previously but there is currently no iOS stock available.

         The Breezing Tracker for iOS will not work with Samsung Android devices and vice versa.

        or general wellness and fitness use only. Consult your healthcare specialist if you have questions about your health.