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Hammersley Antibacterial Gel


Brand Hammersley®

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Kills germs and bacteria quickly and effectively.  Easy to use - no water - no residue - no wiping.  Dries completely in seconds.  Moisturises with glycerine and vitamin E.
Formulated to provide gentle, advanced bacteriological protection for the hands.
Used extensively for the cleaning, moisturising and sanitising of non-visibly soiled hands in a wide range of environments:
• Home
• School
• Work
• Teachers
• Nurses
• Health care Professionals
• Where water and or wipers are not readily available
• When frequent hand washing leaves hands dry FEATURES
• Kills germs and bacteria quickly and effectively
• Easy to use -- no water – no residue – no wiping
• Dries completely in seconds
• Moisturises with glycerine and Vitamin E
• Pump pack for easy dispensing • Convenient“use anywhere”product
• Great alternative when soap and water are unavailable
• Perfect for travelling
• Keep it on hand at home,school, on the job or in the shop
• Non-irritating – positive moisturising effect
Direction for use:
Apply to dry hands. Rub well into the skin ensuring good contact with the entire skin surface. Pay particular attention to finger and nail areas. Continue rubbing until the product has evaporated and hands are dry.